The Five Goals Of BAMS Include:

  1. To help provide hope for people to better live with MS "today";

  2. To educate those living with MS about the importance of working with a doctor to help manage MS;

  3. To encourage individuals living with MS to seek appropriate treatment;

  4. To fund research seeking a cure for the disease; and

  5. Educate individuals on how to better live with MS "today."

Band Against MS provides educational information and research grants to institutions searching for a cure or treatment for MS, and fund programs that help those living with the disease.

Anyone wishing to get involved with the Foundation’s goal to raise money for MS research can make a donation Below or by mailing a check or money order to Band Against MS, Inc., PO box 457, Spring Hill, TN, 37174. Donations will be used to provide funding for programs that impact people living with Multiple Sclerosis, to fund research towards a cure or treatment, and/or to further our goals as stated above.

By continuing to fund research, Band Against MS gives those living with Multiple Sclerosis hope for the future. We are sincerely grateful for the individuals, groups and businesses that contribute to BAMS’ success and recognize that they are at the core of our endeavor. Additionally, we strongly encourage those with Multiple Sclerosis to seek out and maintain a physician-prescribed drug therapy.